College Credit

Fletcher Academy provides the opportunity for diligent students with good grades to earn college credit through both dual credit classes on our campus and online classes. The college credit offered includes some of the General Education courses required by most colleges and universities. The college credits are transferable to most colleges and universities.

Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit classes are taught on the Fletcher Academy campus by our teachers who are approved as adjunct university faculty. Some classes may not be available each year. Students enrolled in Dual Credit classes pay a small percentage of regular college tuition charges and full-price for all textbooks. Full payment is due to Fletcher Academy prior to the beginning of all Dual Credit classes. Payment may not be charged to the student’s account. Students must meet the minimum GPA and assessment test requirement. Dropping a Dual Credit course may forfeit all payment for the course.

  • BIOL 201 – Anatomy & Physiology – 4 semester hours
    • Prerequisite: Biology with a minimum grade of a B if taking A&P as a junior, and a minimum grade of a B- in Chemistry if taking A&P as a senior.
    • This class is a comprehensive study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Areas of study include cells, tissues, skin, skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory, and endocrine systems. Labs are included.
    • College credit through Washington Adventist University.
    • Cost: $90 per semester hour + $25.00 one time application fee.
  • ENGL 101 – Critical Thinking in Academic Reading and Writing I – 3 semester hours
    • Prerequisite: ACT score of 18 or higher.
    • This course introduces students to the demands and conventions of academic reading and writing. It broadens students’ knowledge and skills about writing and analyzing various texts so they can adapt to the diversity of reading and writing tasks encountered across the college curriculum and beyond. Instruction on the stages of writing process, from prewriting exercise through drafting and revision, forms a key part of the curriculum. This course can replace one semester of English IV for graduation requirements.
    • College credit through Southern Adventist University.
    • Cost: $150 per semester hour, no application fee.
  • MATH 120 – Precalculus Algebra – 4 semester hours
    • Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II with a grade of B or better and an ACT score of 19 or better.
    • This course covers the real and complex number systems; algebraic equations and inequalities; functions and their graphs including polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functions; inverse functions and their graphs; conic sections; systems of equations; matrices; sequences; the binomial theorem. Special emphasis will be given to problems and techniques that relate to calculus. This course fulfills the 1st semester of the Precalculus requirement for the college prep diploma.
    • College credit through Washington Adventist University.
    • Cost: $90 per semester hour + $25.00 one time application fee.
  • RELB 160 – Jesus and the Gospels – 3 semester hours
    • This course will explore the life, ministry, and teachings of Jesus through a close reading of the four canonical gospels.
    • College credit through Washington Adventist University.
    • Cost: $90 per semester hour + $25.00 one time application fee.
    • This college credit is determined by the AP exam score and by the post-secondary institution’s requirements for credit.
    • Cost: AP Calculus Test average  ~$100.00.


Online College Classes

Many universities offer college credit through interactive online courses for high school students. Payment and registration arrangements must be made directly with respective institutions. Interested students are advised to discuss all such classes with our registrar. Below are listed just a few of the courses available to our students:

Apply for these online classes directly through Southern Adventist University:

  • PSYC 128 – Developmental Psychology – 3 semester hours

Apply for these online classes directly through Andrews University:

  • PSYC 101 – Introduction to Psychology – 3 semester hours
  • BIOL 208 – Environmental Science – 4 semester hours
  • HIST 117 – Civilizations and Ideas I – 3 semester hours
  • HIST 118 – Civilizations and Ideas II – 3 semester hours
  • HORT 150 – iGrow – 4 semester hours
  • RELB 230 – Biblical Prayers – 3 semester hours
  • ANSI 114 – Introduction to Animal Science – 3 semester hours
  • ANTH 200 – Cultural Anthropology – 3 semester hours
  • FDNT 230 – Nutrition – 3 semester hours

Apply for these online classes directly through Southwestern Adventist University:

  • RELT 101 – Christian Beliefs
  • HIST 111,112 – US History
  • COMM 111 – Speech

College Credit by Examination

Most university’s want students to earn college credit through class participation. However most permit some credit can be earned by examination. The rules and specific limits really vary, so students are encouraged to read their respective college catalog. Each college has their own allowed tests and required scores to receive credit. The three most widely trusted credit-by-examination programs are: