Music Ministry

Music Clinic: Nov. 3-4, 2022


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*Bell Choir students will need to come in groups with their own bells and equipment.


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Music Department

At Fletcher Academy, students have many opportunities to develop a lifelong appreciation for music. Ensemble classes provide instruction, practice, and performance opportunities. Fletcher Academy music groups give performances in local churches and participate in regional music association workshops and union-wide music festivals. Each year several music groups go on multi-state or even international tours. The music program is an integral part of the Fletcher experience and facilitates the school’s mission to develop, nurture and affirm students’ desire for a lifetime of service to God and humanity.


We are here to minister to the spiritual needs of the students and provide ministry opportunities for the students. Key instrument lessons are available to students of all ability levels. Good tone production and an awareness of the capabilities of the instrument for solo and ensemble playing are emphasized. Various instruments, subject to availability, can be checked out through the music department.


Fletcher Academy has two vocal choral ensembles based on interest and qualified students. Music ability as well as a demonstrated spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm for singing are prerequisites for membership.


Fletcher Academy’s handbell program offers students the opportunity to participate in music ministry with two performance groups. Redemption is our open ensemble which allows students at any level of musical experience to learn and improve handbell ringing skills. Exaltation is our audition-based ensemble which offers skilled ringers the opportunity to study and apply advanced handbell techniques to a variety of musical styles.


String ensemble provides an excellent opportunity for students to participate in fun and interesting music and is available to all interested students who have some string experience. A variety of individual string lessons are also available on a contractual basis. Students may take violin, viola, cello, or bass lessons. Good tone production as well as technique is emphasized through solo and ensemble literature.


Private piano lessons are available to students of all ability levels and are individualized to the student’s level of competence.