Alumni of the Year

Each year at least one outstanding person is chosen to be honored at alumni weekend and receives the “Alumni of the Year” award. This is a challenging process because there are so many Fletcher graduates who are now giving and serving around the world. Candidates may be nominated by any Fletcher Academy graduate or faculty member (current or former).

Award Criteria

The nominee’s life must exemplify Fletcher Academy’s core values and mission to foster spiritual, mental, physical, and social development. Our graduates are known for having a spirit of service and being productive workers and caring citizens. Fletcher Alumni should have evidence of a Christ-like character that leads to a transforming influence in our world as disciples of Jesus. To be considered for this award, a candidate must meet the criteria in all of these three key areas:

  • Positive contribution to society.
  • Faithful representation of Christ.
  • Generous support toward the continued mission of Fletcher Academy.

We recognize that complete evidence of successful personal application of one’s relationship to God is impossible to truly ascertain. In keeping with Christ’s encounter with the widow and her two mites, it will be remembered that at times one who lives a quiet and steadfast life may be the most worthy recipient of this award. When a life of self-sacrifice is given the blessing of God, the far-reaching positive results can be difficult to fully measure.

Nomination Process

To submit a name for consideration, please contact the Development & Alumni Relations office. Nominations will be received until July 1. Final award recipients will be selected and determined by the Alumni Officers and the Development & Alumni Relations Director. The “Alumni of the Year” award is presented in early October at alumni weekend.

Award Recipients

Fletcher Academy is proud of the outstanding accomplishments and the impact that our alumni are making for God in the workplace, in the church, in the community, and in their personal relationships. There are countless Fletcher alumni who are making a positive difference in this world. Please take the time to read just a few stories of our alumni who have been selected to receive the Alumnus of the Year award.