Scholarships & Endowments

Thanks to our alumni family and friends who have provided scholarships in honor of someone special. Because of your generosity, many current students are able to afford an Adventist education who may otherwise not be able to do so. Scholarships are made possible by friends and alumni of Fletcher Academy for the benefit of the students at Fletcher Academy and, frequently, in memory or honor of a classmate, friend, or spouse. Many people enjoy the power of collective giving to support students and make one-time or regular gifts to scholarships. You may make a gift to:

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Endowed Scholarships

(last updated on Nov. 16, 2020)

Endowed scholarships are permanent and perpetual funds which can be created with gifts totaling at least $10,000. The larger the gift, the greater the impact it has relieving the tuition burden for talented students! Endowed scholarships are invested in their entirety, and awards are made from the interest earned. Your endowment will support students for generations!

Curt Watkins Leadership Scholarship

  • $1,650 is awarded to students (two/year) who are planning to pursue a future in business, who give back to the community, who are positive leaders in the school, especially in Christian endeavors, exemplifying an aptitude for future Christian leadership, and who are hard workers.
  • Established by the FAI board, friends and co-workers of Curt Watkins (FA Class of 1976), former CEO and President of Fletcher Academy, Inc., as a lasting tribute of their appreciation for his leadership and dedication to the mission of the institution. During his three and half years of service, Mr. Watkins contributed to the future of FAI through his vision and dedication to the principles God has outlined for his people.

Sidney Brownsberger Memorial Scholarship

  • $1,000 is awarded to students (eight/year) who show a desire to become involved in denominational work, have financial need, are diligent workers, and have a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  • Established in honor of Sidney Brownsberger (1845-1930) a dedicated educator, administrator and pioneer of early Adventist education. While he was a student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor he personally accepted the Adventist message. He later became the first principal of the first higher education facility started by Seventh-day Adventists at Battle Creek College, now Andrews University. In 1909, well past retirement age, he joined with others to start what would become Fletcher Academy in North Carolina. For the next ten years, as his health permitted, he taught the children of the community. Ellen White commended him for his humility and his endeavor “to be of still greater service to the cause of God.”

Ray Hoffmann Memorial Scholarship

  • $1,000 is awarded to students (one/year) who show leadership, are involved in the total school program and are diligent workers in the scholastic and work areas.
  • Established by family and friends of Elder Ray Hoffmann, a friend of Fletcher Academy and Christian education. Mr. Hoffmann is tenderly remembered by his family as a man with a strong missionary spirit. The things which were important to Mr. Hoffmann were his love for God, his family, young people, and the church. He was continually asking himself, “What can I do to ensure that others know the Lord?” This scholarship is designed to inspire students at Fletcher Academy to be leaders for the Lord, to be involved and diligently strive to do their best.

Brent Yingling Memorial Scholarship

$1,000 is to be awarded to students (one/year) of proven academic excellence who participate in one of the school music groups.
Established in honor of Brent Yingling’s dedication to a relationship with God, his family, French, music, fitness, and Fletcher Academy students as evidenced by 43 years of active service. We are grateful for the powerful and consistent Christian witness and call to excellence that characterized Mr. Yingling’s life. His influence will continue to play out in the lives of his former students and co-workers. Mr. Yinglings impact and influence on the young lives entrusted to his care is the ultimate example of Fletcher Academy’s motto of “educating for eternity” in action.

Dee Moore Memorial Scholarship

  • $950 is awarded to students (one/year) who are hard workers, who strive to carry the responsibility of their own tuition, are diligent in scholastics, and have their work supervisor’s recognition and recommendation as being dependable and diligent employees.
  • Established by Dee’s adoring husband, Dr. P.J. Moore. Mrs. Moore is remembered by family and friends as being a loving mother-figure, excellent cook, garden-lover and hard worker. She was an outstanding nurse whose skill and manner were a blessing to all in her care.

B. J. Kohler Memorial Scholarship

  • $750 is awarded to students (four/year) who need financial assistance and are positive leaders in the school, especially in Christian endeavors, exemplifying an aptitude for future Christian leadership and are diligent in scholastics.
  • Established by B. J. Kohler’s wife, Anita Kohler, a friend of Fletcher Academy. Mrs. Kohler has established these scholarship opportunities to honor the memory of her husband, to support the mission of Fletcher Academy and to encourage the students attending the school to work diligently in all that they do and to succeed in their future endeavors. Mrs. Kohler describes her husband in fond terms as being very conscientious, considerate of others, detail-oriented and sentient of the future.

Howard & Gwen Pendleton Memorial Scholarship

  • $600 is awarded to students (two/year) who have financial need, exhibit a strong work ethic, are spiritually inclined, and have a positive influence on others.
  • Established to honor and continue the memory of Howard and Gwen Pendleton’s commitment to Christian Education through the work/study model at Fletcher Academy. Mr. Pendleton taught the Academy Choir Sabbath School for many years and greatly enjoyed his interaction with the young people.

Margie Brown Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (one/year) who are members of the Fletcher Academy Gymnastics Team, have a minimum 2.0 GPA, have exemplary conduct and attitude, and show evidence of a Christian orientation.
  • Established by Dr. Gene Krishingner in honor of Margie Brown to promote the gymnastics program.

Helen M. Jackson-Gibbs Memorial Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (one/year) who have financial need, and are known to be passionate and creative.
  • Established by the family of Helen to honor and continue the memory of her commitment to education. Helen came from a poor family in rural Kentucky but became the valedictorian of her high school class. She spent most of her professional life as a special education teacher and school psychologist while ending her career in school administration. She wrote a number of successful grants for her school system. She also wrote a book on creative personalities of the world. Helen was a long standing member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which she loved dearly and strongly supported with her God given talents.

Prof Nestell Memorial Scholarship

  • $400 is awarded to students (one/year) who have a strong work ethic and apply themselves academically.
  • Established by Fletcher Academy Alumni in loving memory of Professor L.E. Nestell, former principal, teacher, mentor and friend of Fletcher Academy. Prof Nestell is remembered fondly by the alumni and staff who were priviledged to know him during their time at Fletcher Academy. Prof was an incredible story teller, especially with historical stories which he brought to life. Prof was dedicated to Fletcher Academy and the young people the institution serves.

William Clayton Hodges (’37) Memorial Scholarship

  • $400 is awarded to students (one/year) who are outstanding workers, exhibit good citizenship, and are in good standing with the school.
  • Established by William’s grandson, Mark Hyder. Mr. Hodges is remembered by his family and friends as hard-working, quiet, gentle person whose Christian influence and patience continues to guide his children and grandchildren today.

Anne & Andy Carey Memorial Scholarship

  • $400 is awarded to students (one/year) who are outstanding workers, exhibit good citizenship qualities, and are in good standing with the school.
  • Established by Ann & Andy’s daughter, Marilyn Petersen. The Carey’s were affectionately known to the students as Aunt Anne & Uncle Andy. Andy followed his brother Jack here for his high school experience. Many years later he convinced Anne to leave her Louisiana roots and return with him to his beloved Fletcher. They were an integral part of the Academy campus for more than 35 years. Most of their life here was spent in the little green house across the road. Anne was the business manager for the medical office and Andy was truly our “handy Andy” for the campus. His final handiwork can be seen throughout the Fletcher Park Inn retirement center.

Gordon Brown Memorial Scholarship

  • $350 is awarded to students (one/year) who are truly deserving of the gift, putting a great deal of effort into their scholastic work and who are musically inclined or are working towards a future that includes service in ministry.
  • Established by family and friends of Gordon Brown, a principal, teacher and mentor at Fletcher Academy from the 1950s through the 1980s. Mr. Brown is remembered fondly and with kind words by the faculty who count it a privilege to have worked with him. He is described as being the most patient instructor, a reliable worker, a soft-spoken individual who never complained and as being a loyal friend.

Class of 1970 Scholarship

  • $325 is awarded to students (one/year) who have financial need, are good school citizens with a spiritual inclination and strong school spirit. This scholarship does not have a set GPA standard, but seeks a young person who is trying to achieve.
  • Established by members of the Class of 1970 to encourage the students at Fletcher Academy to be good school citizens with a strong school spirit and spiritual characteristics.

Alex & Margaret Clark Memorial Scholarship

  • $300 is awarded to students (one/year) who need financial assistance and study music.
  • Established by Alex and Margaret’s grandson, Timothy Clark. Alex and Margaret lived in Fletcher, North Carolina, attended the Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist Church and supported many Adventist issues for over 50 years.

Donor Sponsored Scholarships

Donor sponsored scholarships play an important role at Fletcher Academy. Unlike endowed funds, contributions made to non-endowed funds are usually completely distributed soon after they are received. Donors contribute into the fund throughout the year and amounts are awarded based on the available balance at scholarship award time. Contributions can be added to a fund by the initial donor and/or others who may wish to contribute to the fund (i.e., family, friends, employers, etc.).

Class of 1963 Scholarship

  • $1,000 is awarded to students (two/year) who have financial need, a strong work ethic, exhibit a strong community spirit, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA.
  • Established by members of the Class of 1963 to encourage the students of Fletcher Academy to develop a strong work ethic and community spirit.

Sharon Pearson Community Service Scholarship

  • $1,000 is awarded to junior students (one/year) who have a passion for making a difference in the community through active engagement and service, and have financial need.
  • Established in honor of Sharon Pearson who retired from CarePartners Foundation after 32 years of service. Sharon managed volunteer activities for CarePartners Foundation and is a great example of how helping others spreads joy and gratitude in the lives of so many. Sharon is an alumna and former teacher of Fletcher Academy. She currently lives in Hendersonville, NC.

Carlton & Genella Hunt Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (two/year) who are hard working and have shown improvement over the previous year.
  • Established by members of the Class of 1981 in honor of Mr. Hunt for his Christlike and loving example.

Kevin Hodges Memorial Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (two/year) who are Juniors or Seniors, have a minimum 3.5 GPA, are worthy of receiving this gift and have a desire to excel in school.
  • Established by Kevin’s brother, Scott Hodges (’71). Kevin was a Fletcher Academy student during the 1970s. Kevin is remembered by his family as being a model student who was very concerned with scholastic achievement. Kevin graduated from Fletcher Academy with honors. Kevin was always trying to do his best. Kevin loved Fletcher Academy. His family and friends hope to see other students inspired to reach for their best, using Kevin as their inspiration.

Lela Margueriete Ringer Memorial Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (one/year) who want a Christian education and have to earn much/most of their Christian education.
  • Established in honor of Lela Margueriete Ringer, born here at Mountain Sanitarium and Hospital. Lela loved her family, Jesus, her friends and people around her. She loved to sing at church, evangelistic meetings and to share Jesus with those she met. Her twelve-year life affected thousands of lives as she traveled with her parents Ralph and Nancy Ringer and her sister Laurie as they held evangelistic meetings across America. Her mother Nancy (Fletcher) Ringer, many of her aunts and cousins attended and/or graduated from Fletcher Academy. In addition, her grandmother Myrtle Fletcher and aunt, Linda Sue Fletcher worked at the Fletcher Academy laundry for many years.

Vann D. Camp (’54) Memorial Scholarship

  • $500 is awarded to students (one/year) interested in pursuing a career in Business, with good standing with the school, proven academic excellence and who have financial need.
  • Established by Beverly K. Camp in loving memory of her husband. He was loved and respected by family, friends, and co-workers. He was an encouragement and mentor to his co-workers and young people as they grew in their careers. He was a Christian witness and loved serving the Lord in various capacities both at Fletcher and Forest Lake Adventist churches. He always valued his four years, the friendships and opportunities he gained by attending Fletcher Academy.

Kenneth Armstrong (’62) Memorial Scholarship

  • $200 is awarded to students (one/year) who have most of the responsibility for their tuition, use their leadership skills, are willing to take a risk, and face life with humor and hope.
  • Established by Kenneth’s classmates, the Class of 1962. In his memory, a classmate wrote, “Kenneth Armstrong was always a friend. The day he invaded the dorm we learned that he was inventive, industrious and mischievous. Ken came to us in possession of a vocabulary to make Webster stare in awe, and could use it to ask questions understood by nobody except himself. He had been a member of the Civil Air Patrol since the age of twelve, and manifested this passion during his adult life in the form of general aviation flying. Later in life, it was impossible to have a conversation with him and miss his adoration for his children. Ken, you befriended us, you honored us, you amused us, but you left us much too soon.”

Bill Bass Mission Initiative Scholarship

  • $400 is awarded to each senior student who has participated in four years of Fletcher Academy sponsored foreign mission trips.
  • Established by Dr. Stuart Yoon and friends to honor and recognize Bill Bass for his dedication and his many years of service to Fletcher Academy in leading so many mission trips and to encourage our Fletcher Academy students to participate in foreign mission trips.