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International Students

International students must submit an application form along with the following information and be accepted before arriving in the United States:

  1. Non-refundable application fee of $150
  2. Medical examination form that includes all immunization dates
  3. Official academic records (The student will be charged the cost to translate a transcript into English when it is necessary to do so.)
  4. Contact information for a parent or guardian on the US mainland – Guardianship Agreement Form (The guardian may be interviewed by the Admissions Committee or a representative.)
  5. Verification of international student medical insurance for the current school year (International Student Medical Insurance, (302) 656-4944, or www.isminc.com)
  6. An I-20 form from Fletcher Academy
  7. A valid student visa to enter the United States

The following time frames must also be followed:

  • The international student must apply for admission by June 30 for the first semester and December 1 for the second semester in order to meet visa, passport, and custom processing deadlines.
  • The international student must work with the school to apply for a Social Security number within the first quarter in order to be eligible for the work program. The work program may be adjusted to accommodate the individual student’s academic needs. Due to the intensive English training for international students, the work program may be optional.
  • The Government of the United States requires that all international students pay total school fees before an acceptance letter for a student visa may be issued. Official acceptance, grade placement, and continuation will be at the discretion of the instructor and administration.