Alternate Guys Pants Options

Due to the limited styles and options of our uniform supplier, we have opened up two other suppliers for guys pants only. Amazon (Amazon Essentials brand) and Walmart (George brand) in select styles. Below you can see the allowed styles from both Amazon Essentials brand as well as the George brand. For Amazon Essentials, the only two color choices are “Khaki” and “Navy”. For the George brand, the only color is called “stone wash”. There is not a navy option in the George brand from the styles that are allowed. At this time, there is no alternate short option other than the uniform supplier. If you have any questions regarding the allowed pants, please don’t hesitate to contact the academy office.

Amazon (Amazon Essentials Brand)

Mens Skinny Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

Mens Slim Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

Mens Straight Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

Mens Athletic Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

Mens Relaxed Fit Casual Stretch Khaki

Walmart (George Brand)

Men’s Premium Regular Fit Pant

Men’s Premium Straight Fit Khaki Pant