Spiritual Life

Campus Ministries

We are here to minister to the spiritual needs of the students and provide ministry opportunities for the students.
The key word is ministry.
There are many different ways we try to minister to the spiritual needs of the students.
First, there are weekly vespers every Friday night.
This is designed to speak to the needs and concerns of our student body.
From music to the spoken word, we want to see God lifted up and lives impacted.
The foundation for our spiritual activities which are infused throughout our entire school program.
We build lives for eternity!

Helpful Hands Helping Others — It takes many hands to effectively minister to all of our students.
It takes all of our hands working together.
We at Campus Ministries want to give every student the opportunity to use their hands to help others.
There are many ways you can be involved.
The key is very simple.
Are you willing?
Helping others helps you.
The happiest students are those who extend their hands.
This brings friendships, fellowship, and encouragement.
And blessings as well.

Bible Study

Fletcher Academy offers a Bible program which incorporates the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists guidelines for the Bible curriculum.
Within the four-year curriculum, students will have the opportunity to expand and personalize their study of scripture within the overall focus of having a personal relationship with Jesus.
Students spend time with their Bible teachers not only shaping their minds but also their future.
The Bible is taught as the inspired word of God and it forms the foundation of all learning experiences.
In math, science, social studies, and even English, a biblical worldview is taught in all grades.
Bible verses are memorized so students will be able to draw upon them throughout life.
Being able to teach from Bible-based principles is a right and a privilege of Adventist education.
Throughout scripture we are reminded that following Christ is best done in community.
We need brothers and sisters in Christ for encouragement, accountability, guidance, and fellowship.
Daily bible class gives each student regular classroom prayer time and a safe place to share prayer requests.

Community Service

Fletcher Academy offers a wide array of service opportunities, ensuring that each student can participate in personally fulfilling volunteer work.
Sabbath afternoons students often have the opporturnity to get out and do service such as serving food to homeless people.
At least twice a year all of the students take a whole day to go out into the community to serve and help people.
Students do things like pass out cookies, work at a children’s museum, or help lay down new turf at a soccer field.
No matter where the students go or what they do, they always have a lot of fun helping the community, and the local community is very thankful for them.


All Fletcher students attend weekly praise and worship services in our historic chapel.
Each service is lead by faculty and students together with music, prayer, and the study of scripture.
Nightly dorm students have worship together in their respective dorms.
Friday night a special vespers program brings in the beginning of the Sabbath.
Sabbath morning the academy students attend the Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist church and join in a traditional inter-generational worship service.

Week of Prayer

There are at least two Weeks of Prayer each year.
In the Fall we have a guest that will come in and share.
In the Spring some of our own Fletcher Academy students will speak and God will move in a mighty way as our students hear messages of real need for personal dependence upon Jesus.


We have both a school chaplain and assigned youth pastor from the Fletcher church.
These spiritual leaders along with our other bible teachers and other faculty meet students at their point of need to encourage, mentor and support teens navigating through high school life.
The chaplain’s office is right by the student center where students go to laugh, talk, and have fun.

Spiritual Retreats

The Southern Union Bible Conference is usually in the Fall where students from different Academies gather for a special weekend of spiritual growth and fun.
We usually organize a trip to the annual GYC conference.
GYC is a youth-initiated and led movement of Seventh-day Adventists from diverse backgrounds, united in a common commitment to serious Bible study, intense prayer, uncompromising lifestyle, and boldness in sharing Christ with others.

Church Life

Fletcher Academy students often led out in Sabbath church services.
Students can be involved in everything from telling stories to children to giving the sermon.
Our main church is right on campus at the Fletcher Seventh-day Adventist church.
There are several Adventist churches in the local area as well:
Asheville Foster,
Asheville North,
Mills River,

International Mission Trips

As a result of our commitment to missions, for many years, Fletcher Academy students have traveled to various places around the world to help those in need.
In recent years we have traveled to the Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, and Guyana.
Building churches, leading out in Vacation Bible Schools, loving on children in Orphanages, helping out in Dental Clinics, and many other activities are how our students have been able to make an impact.
Not only have the students made an impact all over the world, but their own lives have been changed by the experience.

Sabbath Hikes

Sabbath Afternoons are designed to give you the chance to either serve or simply enjoy being with your classmates.
From trips to the mountains or waterfalls, gospel in the park, quality religious films, group Bible studies, or going and helping with feeding programs for the homeless, we want the time you spend to make an impact for eternity.